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Skip the shops and dealers. Top-rated mobile mechanics at Houzcalls can come back to Houzie home or workplace to service their automobile.

Welcome The Houzcalls Mechanics providers

The Mechanics are Houzie full-service auto repair shop that cares regarding quality, safety, and value. Providers at Houzcalls tend to are friendly and useful, personal and reliable! Bring your automobile, truck, hybrid car,  Motor home, to our look to receive our top of the range service and repairs. Our customers will relax whenever they leave their service wants in our capable hands. It’s not simply talking, They tend to place our cash wherever our mouth is. They tend to stand with confidence behind each service they offer.

Mechanics is that space of science involved with the behavior of physical bodies once subjected to forces or displacements, and therefore the resultant effects of the bodies on their setting.

To guarantee that Providers at Houzcalls maintain the high standards, they solely use qualified technicians, and to make sure that their technicians are up so far with new technologies, RMI insists that workers attend coaching or workshops on a regular basis.

  • Health Department, Department of Transport, Municipalities.
  • Mining firms, Insurance guarantee firms., SAPS correctional Services.
  • Personal corporations & the final Public at giant.


At Houzcalls, providers keep their Houzie vehicles running in a very safe and reliable state by providing sill automobile Repair Service. They'll continue with the most recent vehicle technologies and up so far repair processes.

Talented providers

The best workers & skilled automotive vehicle Mechanic in the Houzcalls platform operate with the best level of integrity to make our name, through service promise, and our commitment to the setting.


The best buy automobile mechanics can operate a business model that enables us to be profitable whereas providing a competitive level of compensation and advantages.

All packages

Complete very of services

  • Tuning & maintenance
  • Oil replacement
  • Carburetor settings
  • Throttle body cleanup Spark plugs servicing
  • Rpm settings
  • CNG mixer setting
  • Point cleanup and replacement
  • Tappet adjustment
  • Filter replacement
  • TP sensor cleaning
  • Plugs wire cleanup or replacement
  • Petrol mixer adjustment
  • Distributor cleanup or replacement
  • Overall performance survey

Service replacement

  • Caliper cleanup
  • Rust removing & Greasing
  • Brake Pad/ Shoe Service
  • Disc/ Drum Checking
  • Brake Cylinder Services
  • Hand Brake Settings
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