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Highly Responsive

Houzcalls is highly responsive and has an instant service that within few minutes, you will have the required professionalism at your doorstep. Just make a call and get your work done.

One Click Away

Houzcalls is just a click away from you, offering you all sorts of services whether medical or any household. Professionals will approach you, providing the best of their services.


With the system of keeping record of workers and their tracks, we assure you security, because to us you are valued. The information provided by you is kept confidential.

Making Life Easier

Making your lives easier in a way that you can have an expertise at your doorstep by just an app without putting much efforts.

Endorsement To People

Houzcalls provides support to many people who are the backbone of their families by providing them a job to offer their services. Many unemployed will have this platform to run their families.

One click install

No lengthy steps to install it, just one click and you will be a part of Houzcall availing all the services.


HouzCalls is an application that is providing every sort of services to the users. The aim is to facilitate the user in any way and the user can be the service provider or the one availing oneself from the services.
The services include medical treatment, getting your household tasks done by professionals or getting a maid readily. In this tech-era, where the universe has turned into a global village so, keeping in mind the grave issues, HouzCalls provides the best services to one who wants oneself to be availed.

HouzCalls heed over the gravity of the problems that it can be tiresome to probe an expert for your tasks to be done. So, by just getting signed to HouzCalls, you can easily get in touch with the professionals who will offer their services in the comfort and privacy of your home.
We provide you a professional who can be a plumber, doctor, electrician or maid ; you can select and can have the services that you want, We care about our users so, we have endeavored to provide the best of the services.


One click away to listen your inquiry ..

Call when you need ,

Houzcalls is an enterprise providing you the technician that you need, providing you service reliably and efficiently.
Highly-Skilled Expertise At your Doorstep!!
Get an expertise of any profession at your doorstep on just one call.


Providing you the solutions to every problems is what Houzcalls is planning. Bringing every expertise of every field on a single platform to offer you their best services and providing them a chance to earn. Live and bring smile on other's face !

What are you thinking that you should contact expertise in work hours? If yes, then don't! You can have expertise (doctor, technician, plumber ) anytime and anywhere, just click and have them at your doorstep. Get job for you anywhere and anytime!

We understand and realize the problems of employment and unavailability of technicians when needed. To slash these issues, Houzcall is for both professionals and a common man. Embrace and install it to get started!

Updates will be on website keeping you updated about the innovations that we will bring to app. There is always a space for improvement. Stay connected to be updated !

Whether, you are a doctor, engineer, plumber, technician, electrician or any expertise and looking for a job, then Houzcall is the best place for you where you can provide services and can earn !

Planning to Resolve Your Problems
Services Anywhere , Anytime
Tweek & update
Are You Finding a Job?

Easy to use

Just make an account and follow easy steps to get your experts at your doorstep without putting efforts and worrying about getting your problem resolved.

Make your lives simpler by getting connected to Houzcall that has solution to every problem you come across.Providing you an instant expert at your doorstep is what we aim at. You have the solution on just one click at your place. Easy to use and easy to access. Life has never been that simpler and easier like it is now with Houzcall!

That's right!

Benefits To Service Providers

Since , we are all quite aware of the power of technology, then how can we leave ourselves behind in this race?
The graph of unemployment is increasing with the advent of technology and competitions. Thus , utilizing the technology , we provide a platform to all erudite technicians to employ themselves and earn .

This is a reliable way to earn money efficiently.Houzcall is presenting countless advantages to the service providers of which the most significant is that they can earn easily a great amount of money. You can introduce the people with your skills and increase your experience that can be helpful in creating a decorous portfolio of you.

It is tiresome to wander here and there to search for an appropriate job then , why not to avail the opportunity when , you can easily have an access to a job or get to the place where your skills can be manifested. Moreover , your rankings on the basis of your work will take your career to the zenith leading you towards the heights of the sky. This can be the first step to hallow you with some great opportunity.
Don’t sit quiet and wait, stand up and go for it !!!!



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